Crooks out! manual

Crooks out!

Crooks out! is a logical deduction game for 2 players. Trace all the enemy crooks before your crooks are found.

Let's Start ...

Choose your game mode!
In normal mode (key) every crook you find counts. When playing the risk mode (lock pick) you have to arrest the crooks, which also ends your turn. Otherwise they will escape, so think twice before making another guess.

Game Objective

Every player has the same amount of crooks. Find all enemy crooks before yours are traced.

The playing field

Each player owns a blueprint of the factory that shows all 36 rooms. All crooks are hiding in those rooms. Your own crooks appear at the beginning as black silhouettes.


You play in turns.

The Hints

At the start of a game each player gets 3 hints and one extra hint at the beginning of a round. Hints are numbers on the field, that indicate how many crooks are hiding in this column and row combined.
Example: The 4 means that four enemy crooks are hiding in the row and column that cross each other at the hint. In this example this row and column are marked yellow.

Your own crooks do NOT count into this. Use all hints you have and make conclusions to convict the enemy crooks.

The Rooms

Try to find the crooks of your opponents. TapClick on an empty room to check it.
If there is a crook hiding, it will appear. If not, a light bulb will mark the room as searched and your turn ends.

A room can have the following states:
your own, undiscovered crook
your own, found crook
(risk mode) your own, found and arrested crook
searched room
found crook
(risk version) found, but failed to arrest crook

Your Turn

Normal Mode
You can try to find crooks until you guess wrong once. Then your turn ends and your opponent can try to find crooks.
In normal mode, which is marked by a magnifying glass at the upper playing field, each crook is worth one point. A tally chart keeps track of your points for you.

Risk Mode
The lock marks the risk mode. Found crooks only count, when you additionally arrest them. To arrest all currently found crooks, tapclick on the lock. Careful: this also ends your turn!
If you, on the other hand, check a room where no crook is hidden, all crooks, collected in this turn, escape. You will get no points for them and your turn is over.
Found, but not arrested crooks are counted in a gray tally chart at the very left of the upper playing field. As soon as you latch the lock, the points are moving in the middle and turn into your color. All points colored in your color count and cannot be lost untill the end of game.

End of Game

The game ends when the last crook of a player was found. The player with the highest score wins!


The starting player alternates for every revenge.

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