Electris is a game of skill for up to 6 players. Build battery chains and destroy them to give your opponents penalty rows.

Let's start

Choose one of six colors. The penalty row you create are shown with this color.

Game objective

Be the last player playing!
Electris consists of rounds, each round lasts 60 seconds. As long as your batteries do not touch the upper playing field, you can proceed to the next round! Try to destroy as many battery rows as possible, to give your opponents many penalty rows!


All players play the first round simultaneously. Afterwards the penalty rows are distributed. All players, whose batteries do not touch the upper playing field can play the next round. The last player remaining will win the game!

Penalty rows

There are two kinds of penalty rows. Normal penalty rows and metal rows .

Normal rows can be destroyed like any other row in the the next round. You can create penalty rows for your opponents by destroying rows. Depending on the player amount, your opponents will get one penalty row for every:

  • 5 destroyed rows with 2 players,
  • 6 destroyed rows with 3 players,
  • 7 destroyed rows with 4 players,
  • 8 destroyed rows with 5 players,
  • 9 destroyed rows with 6 players.

To create a metal row in your opponent's fields, you have to destroy 4 battery rows at once. This is difficult, but worth it; because metal rows cannot be destroyed and so they are an obstacle throughout the whole game!

Displays on the screen

There are several displays, providing information about the game.

Round: The round you are playing. Each round lasts 60 seconds.

Level: The level of the current round. The more rounds you play, the faster the level rises. The higher the level, the less time you have to decide where you want to place your battery blocks.

Penalty: The amount of penalty rows you have collected for your opponents in this round.

Metal: The amount of metal rows you have collected for your opponents in this round.

Shuffle button: You get position proposals for your battery block. With this button you can force the game to give you new proposals.

Block choice: You can choose, which battery block you want to place next. In the lower screen left and right are always 2 blocks previewed. If you do not choose one, a block is automatically selected for you.

Time bar: In the upper screen is a timer that shows your progress in this round. As soon as it is filled, you solved this round.

Placing timer: Left and right of the playing field are small boxes that count down the time you have to place a battery block. If you do not place the block within the time, it automaically falls down in the middle of the field.


After every round you get a result screen. There you can see, who has created penalty rows and how your playing field will change with them.
When all players finished the round and your batteries are still not touching the upper playing field, you can continue to the next round.

End of game

When your batteries are touching the top of the playing field, you lose. No matter if you placed them there, or if a penalty row pushed them up.
The last player still playing will win the game!


All players can start the game simoultaneously when playing a revenge.

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